Ready to Take a Health Challenge & Start a Business?

With so many people home, out of work and increased concern over health, I couldn’t resist sharing this amazing opportunity for not only better health, but also the potential to make income from home. So, let me introduce you to Shaklee. They have some amazing products that I’ve seen great success with. To try to […]

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Enjoying The Storm

A beautiful winter storm came in Saturday and gave a nice thick layer of ice to everything. As cold as it is outside, you can’t help but notice the beauty and wonder of it all. I couldn’t help but sneak outside while the babies were napping and snap some photos of the beauty ice brings […]

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A Boy & His Puppies

Because, who doesn’t adore a boy with his puppies?! It was picture time a few days ago for the puppies we currently have on the ranch. They were just big enough to walk around and play, but not be too overwhelming for our little guy. And, oh man, did they love each other! My hubby’s […]

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Back in Blogging Land!

Well, it’s been a few years since I’ve been in the blogging world, but I’m ready to jump back in. Now, that I’m a wife and mommy to my own 2 kiddos, I think of all sorts of ideas to write about. Then it never ends up going anywhere, since I don’t have a blog […]

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