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Lessons in Motherhood: Her Whole Life Ahead of Her

August 15, 2017

We walked into the library, sat down in the baby area and were quickly greeted by a group of happy, eager-to-say-hi kiddos. “What a cute baby” I heard the 7-8 year old boy say. “Is that your baby?” the boy then asked as he admired Katie and she stared back at this curious little stranger. The little boy knelt down to Katie’s level and in an aw-toned voice said, “she has her whole life ahead of her.”

Taken back by that statement from such a young boy, it made me think. She does have her whole life ahead of her. But how long will that life be? What will that life entail? What will she do in it? What lessons will she learn? What lessons will she share? What lessons will she unknowingly teach me and those around her?

I read a post today about a mother who woke up to her 3 week old having passed away. He was gone. His life was 3 short weeks. I’ve seen other mothers who have lost their babies at 4 months, 8 weeks, 1 year and of course even older children who only have a few short years on this earth.

Looking at my babies, I often wonder how long I will be blessed with their presence. How long do I get to be the blessing of being their mother? I pray and trust that God gives them health and long lives with us all. There are many mothers and families whose babies are not born healthy or whose lives are cut short. I try not to ever take it for granted that God blessed us with 2 beautiful, healthy babies.

Being a mother, you learn a lot of lessons. That’s why I’ve titled this, in part, ‘Lessons in Motherhood.’ Growing up around children (a lot of them) and having a lot of interaction with children before my babies were born, it has given me a different perspective. I have always sat in awe at how amazing it is to watch children grown. With Katie & Bradley, I am in awe every day at the beauty they bring to our lives.

Back to the little boy at the library, I watched as he and his siblings so happily interacted with my babies. I wondered what their life was like. And thought about the different situations each child is in with their families. Or, even lack thereof. Some children don’t have families.

“Her whole life ahead of her” in my situation for Katie and in this present day, means she has two grandmas who love her dearly and see her every day. A grandpa who was the best father I could ever ask for and has taken on the role of grandfather so well. Great grandparents on each side of the family. She has 10 aunts, 6 uncles, more cousins than she could ask for at such a young age and extended family galore. Almost all of which are within walking distance from our house. She is surrounded by so much love. Her life ahead of her is blessed.

My goal as a mother is that I can lead them down the good and right path for whatever their whole life ahead of them may be.


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