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Just Stop, Mama. Slow Down.

August 27, 2017

It’s barely 7am again and the little miss is squirming and insisting on waking up, as usual. She tends to be my alarm clock most days, ha. Today, since she saw Daddy up, she was eager to get out of bed. Morning routine done, I thought to myself, “I could do those couple small work things while she plays. It’ll only take a couple minutes.” Standing there for a few seconds, I was looking around, thinking how I could also just have a totally peaceful morning playing with her, without doing anything extra as we played together. I literally thought to myself, “No, just stop, mama.” And so I did. I laid on the floor with her as we laughed, took pictures, she climbed up and down and played with her favorite toys.

As mothers, it’s so easy to feel like any “down time” (in other words, when the kiddos are occupied) we “have” to, or “should” be doing something. We have to always be getting something done, right?! Well, let me inform you, that you are getting something done by just playing with that baby or those kiddos. Stop feeling guilty or that you aren’t doing enough. Raising those babies is the most important thing in the world. They love their mama playing with them. You’re their world. So, enjoy being their world.

There will always be work to do. Work in the form of your job (other than being a mom). Laundry to fold. Laundry to wash. Floors to sweep. Floors to mop. Dishes to wash. Dishes to put away. Food to make. Areas to organize. Let alone, the little items you just like to do in your spare time. Or, to keep the house tidy. Or, to stay organized and decluttered.

But, your babies won’t always be small. They won’t always be your early morning alarm clock, no matter what time you’ve gone to bed. They won’t always flap their arms in excitement at their toys. There won’t always be smiles and laughter. You won’t always get to enjoy putting a bow in their hair. Or, dressing them in their cute little outfits.

Most of the time, I totally feel like I’ve slowed down enough every day. I thoroughly enjoy being a mother and a wife and all the tasks that come with it. I’ve always loved the homemaker side of things. But, as my dearest and best friend has been reminding me lately, maybe I need to slow down even a little more.

Expecting too much of yourself as a mama, can bring in a lot of stress in the daily tasks that should be enjoyable. Do I have to make a full dinner and dessert each day? Even though I really enjoy doing so and it seems like nothing. No, I don’t. Sometimes, I think making each day a competition in my mind of “How much can we get done today?” backfires. Maybe it’s all fine to just go-go-go and get so much done in each day, while totally enjoying the babies and the babies being happy doing so. But, it’s not necessary. Because, at the end of the day, these tasks shouldn’t be stressful or frustrating.

Don’t beat yourself up, mama, over a seeming “lack” of something not getting done. Are your babies alive, happy, fed & healthy at the end of each day? You’ve done your job.

I mean, who wants to miss such adorable little moments, like a sleepy baby yawn???

I’m blessed with a great guy, who never says a word if the house is messy at the end of the day. Or, never complains about dirty dishes. The most he’ll ever say about things being clean is, “Are you going to do any laundry?”…typically because he’s looking for some particular piece of clothing :). He’s why I always try to make something nice, at least for dinner. I can at least show my appreciation to him for all his work, providing for┬áthe babies and I, by making him a nice meal. But, you know, somedays, that is just a little bit too much. As bad as that makes me feel, if I can’t make dinner, I know he won’t be upset, but will be understanding. I know not everyone is blessed with a hubby, a dad to their babies, or someone who won’t say anything about the house being messy. That can add more stress to the day and to your life.

No matter how much you feel like you already take the time to slow down, appreciate the babies & hubby, enjoy the small things in life, and don’t do too much, there’s still always time to slow down more and do less.

Don’t beat yourself up & expect too much, mama. Just enjoy these moments.


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