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Enjoying The Storm

February 11, 2018

A beautiful winter storm came in Saturday and gave a nice thick layer of ice to everything. As cold as it is outside, you can’t help but notice the beauty and wonder of it all. I couldn’t help but sneak outside while the babies were napping and snap some photos of the beauty ice brings to nature.

There are moments in every day being a mother where an internal debate happens – “what should I do while the babies nap or are occupied?” There’s always they inevitable answer of ┬áhouse – toys are always strewn across the floor. No matter how many times a day you sweep, it seems you can always pick up another pile in the dustpan of crumbs that come from who-knows-where. Dirty or just-washed dishes are a constant “come take care of me.” Laundry…does that ever end?

Somedays, you really just have to put all those to-do list items on hold and enjoy something that being a mom doesn’t always allow you to do anymore. Taking pictures of the storms is one of those things for me. It’s freezing cold and even if the kids are bundled up they only last about 2-3 minutes outside before everyone starts having a meltdown, ha!

Once I’m done blogging, I’ll still have my to-do list of chores waiting for me. But, at least I got to enjoy the storm and share the beauty with you. What is life anyways? Oh, it’s but a vapor. Chores can wait, so we can soak up the goodness God brings us in everyday.



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