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There’s Never a Perfect Time

January 30, 2019

Well, hello blogging land. Here I come again. This time, let’s hope it’s consistent. Life throws all sorts of things at us and just when we think we have “time” to do such-and-such, something else gets thrown in the picture. Since I last blogged, we’ve added baby #3 to the family (as of September), moved into our house and gone through another year and a half. So, we’re not gonna dwell on the past, we’re going to jump right into it.

I suppose that leads well into this thought process anyways. There is always a new aspect to life to navigate. Some dreams or aspirations in one’s mind. Or goals to conquer. We have to ask ourselves which is best for us, what we should do, what we shouldn’t do and where to start or stop.

Many times items are delayed or taken off the list because it’s too difficult to accomplish at the present or everything isn’t “perfect.” But, if we always waited for the “perfect time” whatever we’re trying to accomplish wouldn’t happen. Or, if we overthink all the possibilities of what could go right or wrong. I’ve always been one to jump into something with both feet and figure it out as I go. But, I’ve never felt more resolve, less stress, peace and more adventurous than I have since having my third baby.

There’s a lot more on my plate, or in my goals than there have been at other times, and it’s never felt easier. Are all the situations for each thing in my life perfect scenarios? Nope not at all. Is it perfect timing to start writing a blog again? No. There’s ins and outs of blogging that aren’t perfectly set up to my liking. But, who cares. Is it always easy to get a 30 minute workout done with 3 children under 3? Nope, there’s literally never a perfect time.  Is there time in the day to just bake cookies? Doesn’t seem like it at times, but we do it.

So, I’ve learned over the last year to stress less about the perfection to the goals, to-do lists and aspirations of life. And to focus more on just doing them. Letting the pieces fall where they may. Because there’s never a more “perfect time” for anything than the present – just to jump out there and start. You know the ol’ saying, “You get out of life whatever you put into it.” Procastination or waiting for the pieces to perfectly fall into place to start, will only yield less accomplishments.


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